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Companions Apron, Sash & Breast Jewel

Royal Arch Regalia Companions Apron Features:
  • Royal Arch Principals Apron
  • Adjustable belt with gold plated snake fitting
  • Gold plated ball and chain tassels with leather cover
  • 2 inch wide diamond ribbon in red and blue
  • Gold bullion embroidered triple tau
  • Complete colour shade Guarantee
  • Pocket at the rear and soft padding
  • Size 14'' x 16''
  • Lambskin
Companions Sash Quality RA Companions sash with embroidered taus. Features:
  • High-Quality Companions Sash
  • Finest quality hand embroidered triple tau badge
  • Beautiful Blue and Red fringe
  • 4-inch wide diamond red and blue ribbon
  • Complete colour shade Guarantee
  • Excellent quality
Masonic Royal Arch Companions Breast Jewel Features
  • Superb quality Royal arch Companions breast jewel
  •  Large Size 32mm ribbon
  •  Standard Size 25mm ribbon
  • Stickpin Fitting on back
  • High quality polishing